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Email Notification

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2015 09:47AM CDT
The Orca has the ability to email you daily with a status summary. The summary will include an overview of its archival operations, as well as status and activities. The summary is mainly intended for Network Administrators; however, others may find it useful as well.

Configure Email Notification
You may configure your Orca to send the email to one email address or to a distribution, as follows: 
NOTE: Distribution groups should be set up on your email server first.

Admin Email Address: Fill out the "Admin Email" field with the email address you would like the emails sent to.

Outgoing Mail Server: Fill in the "Outgoing Mail Server" field with the address of the server for the Admin Email.

Mail Server Username/Password:    Fill in an authorized "Mail Server Username" and "Mail Server Password".
    NOTE: Step 3 is not required for email servers without Secure SMTP.

From Address: Fill out the "From Address" field with the email address you would like the emails sent from.

Save & Send Test Message

Click Save & Send Test Message.  It will save the configuration and send a test message to the Admin Email Address.

A confirmation message will show if operation was successful

The test email will look like this

NOTE: If you are not receiving emails from your Orca, ensure that your email server's spam filters and relay settings are not causing the messages to be delayed or dropped entirely.


Save Only

If you click Save button then the configuration will be saved and test email will not be sent.

A configuration message will show if operation was successful.


Disable Notification

If you would like to stop having email notifications sent to an email address click on "Disable Notification".

A confirmation message will show if the operation was successful.

All values will be cleared from the Email Notification screen.

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