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Common Errors with Upgrade

Last Updated: Sep 03, 2015 11:03AM CDT

Upgrade Server Details

Upgrade server URL: update.updateasap.com
Protocol Used by Upgrade Process: HTTP port 80

Product Key is Not Valid

Your Orca will not be able to update if its product key is not valid. If there is a problem with your key, the Orca will let you know this when you try to upgrade.

If you see an error message click on "Upgrade Test Page" to figure out what is the error

Click on Run Tests button

Click on links "fail" to see details

The key may be expired - in which case you will need to contact technical support or a sales representative to extend your maintenance contract before you will be able to get updates.

Mac-address Mismatch

Very rarely, but occasionally, customers will see a message that reports "Could not retrieve key validation from the update system because of the following errors: Some mac-address other than xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx is already associated with this product key."

Product keys are associated with mac-addresses to prevent them from being used by any Orca other than the one it was originally assigned to. Occasionally, however, the mac-address of a Orca will change, either because its network card has been replaced, or - if there were two network ports on the machine - the one being used was switched.

If this happens, call technical support and they will reset the default mac-address.

Unable to Reach Upgrade Server

By far the most common problems with update are caused by the proxy-server lying between the Orca and the upgrade server. Here are some problems the proxy server can create:

If there is a proxy server but it is not set up on the Proxy Server Setup page, or if it is set up incorrectly, updates will not work.

All information needed to run an upgrade is gathered from the update server through the use of HTTP Requests and Responses. Proxy servers often decide they do not like the update.updateasap.com server and replace all HTTP Responses from this server with an error page.

If this happens, the Orca will provide a link to the replacement error page on the Maintenance Key page. Configure your proxy server so that it allows communication between the Orca and the URL update.updateasap.com without interference.

Corrupt Downloads

Very rarely, the proxy server will behave when gathering data about packages, but will replace the packages themselves with HTTP error pages! Generally if you attempt to upgrade your Orca several times in a row and receive several error messages about corrupt downloads each time, this is an indicator that this is your problem. Check you proxy server for any blocked communications with the Orca.

If this happens, try turning off any filters for "inappropriate content".

If you do notice packages failing with corrupted downloads, it is most likely that the download was truncated or the file became corrupted during transit.

If this happens, try running the upgrade twice more before checking your proxy server settings or calling technical support. 

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